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Image of Computer HardwareWelcome to CyberObjex

CyberObjex helps our clients achieve great results with the marketing of their products and services through an intuitive and attractive web presence that provides the best online user experience.

We design, create, and deliver rich web content, custom graphics and animations, and data-driven web applications that function across multiple platforms and devices.

Our services include content writing and authoring of all types of technical documentation, online help for desktop or web-based applications, and creating interactive instructional training tutorials for a wide variety of companies and agencies.

Our approach allows your organization to streamline its documentation overhead, resulting in a cost savings through increased efficiency and productivity.

Our computer and network management services include consultation of wired and wireless computer systems, routers, switches, TCP/IP, WINS, DHCP, DNS, IIS, and Active Directory.

The decision of who you trust with your home or office system is an important one because it can cost you money, lead to permanent data loss or system damage, lost opportunities, and, if applicable, business failure.


Design - We specialize in web design, graphic design, and Flash® design.

Technical Documentation - We interface directly with your processes, engineers, and subject matter experts to generate and create content once, repurpose it in a variety of formats, and publish it to hard-copy print, online, or any other digital medium.

Consultation - We offer computer and network consulting for all models of laptop / desktop computers and network servers, in a wired or wireless environment.

Call (480) 488-4858 or (602) 463-7020 to make an appointment today!

CyberObjex provides computer services in the areas of:

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Last Updated October 15, 2012
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